Fewer instruments in the patient's mouth, more precise working, an ergonomically favourable working posture all these features are incorporated in the ClasenUNO, the new patented combination of mirror and aspirator from Cleverdent. Developed by the dentist Stephan Clasen from Münster, it has been designed to ensure an efficient workflow in practices. The innovation will be on show for the very first time at the IDS 2015 in Cologne.

'Over the years working as a dentist, I have always considered multiple tools and hands in the patient's mouth as detrimental to my work and also as an additional stress factor for my patients,' said the dentist Stephan Clasen, describing his motivation behind this innovation. 'That's why I came up with the idea for an instrument which combines the two most important tools that dentists use to provide treatment, the mirror and aspirator.' Together with a team of technical, design, material and sound specialists, he advanced his idea for the ClasenUNO, a premium, fog-free dental mirror with a high-performance suction function.

Available in two mirror versions

The practical, ergonomically formed instrument, made of robust PP plastic and with a lateral grip profile, is compatible with all common suction systems and is available in two versions with different mirrors from the well-known manufacturer Hahnenkratt: either the ULTRA FS, the brightest and sharpest dental mirror worldwide, or a rhodium mirror. The air flow from the low-noise aspirator prevents the mirror from fogging up, thus ensuring a clear and direct view of the treatment site at all times; side air inlets protect against reflux. The instrument can be used in all treatment situations. It allows the dentist to sit in a position which is gentle on the back and is also more pleasant for patients.

Economic advantages for daily practice routines

One vital economic advantage of the ClasenUNO is, in addition to working more quickly, precisely and comfortably, dentists can also perform a considerable amount of work on their own, without the need for a chairside assistant. As such, the practice team can be deployed more efficiently and professionally.

Developed and produced in Germany

The ClasenUNO is suitable for all mechanical disinfection and sterilisation methods, i.e., ultrasound, the thermal disinfector and steam sterilisation. It can simply be cleaned in advance with a brush according to the hygiene regulations of DIN EN 17664, and then disinfected and sterilised. Biocompatibility and cytotoxicity have both been laboratory-tested. Excellent material quality and durability are guaranteed; the product was developed in Germany and is also produced here.

For all dental treatments

'Based on my many years of practical experience, I felt a need to make treatments more pleasant for dentists and patients alike,' explained Stephan Clasen. 'The new mirror with aspirator has an important role to play here. It can be used simply and conveniently for all types of dental treatments.' Stephan Clasen will be presenting his innovation in person at the IDS 2015 in Cologne at Stand A 47 in Hall 11.1. 'I am really looking forward to showing colleagues and other interested parties the new ClasenUNO and demonstrating its exceptional capabilities in practice.'