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Meridian is a light curing universal composite material of the latest nanohybride type having an optimized chemical composition.

Meridian is an allround composite intended for all clinic indications. Meridian is developped in accordance with the very latest technology which combines the features of optimal handling and very high physical qualities, and superior aesthetic. Due to its variable translucence and colour adaptability, different degrees of opacity are generally not required which results in better user economy without having to refrain from the best final result for the patient.
Meridian is clinically tested and has shown very good results. Unique advantages, such as the long working time without any tendency of self-polymerisation and the extreme polishability of the material, add to its versatility.

Features and Benefits:

Posterior restorations (class I and II).
Anterior restorations (class III, IV).
Wedge shaped defects and cervical caries attacks (class V).
Repair of composite and ceramic veneers.
Excellent modelling and handling qualities.
Easy to form fissure systems and cusps.
Does not stick to the instrument.
Extremely easy to polish to very high gloss due to nano technology and
spherical particles.
High colour adaptability to surrounding tooth substance.
Minimal polymerisation shrinkage.
Minimized water absorption.
Very high filler portion.
Very high X-ray contrast.
Longer working time due to reduced sensivity to ambient light.
Contains fluor particles.
Very good physical values.
Follows the Vita scale.