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E.T.C. Easy Temporary Cement
A Stronger, More Reliable Translucent Temporary Cement

Parkell’s E.T.C.: Easy Temporary Cement is the strongest temporary bonding cement on the market.* It’s easy to use and gives your temporaries the bond strength they need in order to effectively resist dislodgement by forces of mastication. When necessary, E.T.C. snaps off clean but only when YOU want it to.

E.T.C. displays excellent flow out of its 5ml automix syringe, and can be applied directly to the clean and dry intaglio of a temporary. Its low viscosity offers a simple, complete seating every time. Keep in mind, though, that it is a resin cement, so you’ll have to be a little careful when you use E.T.C. with resin cores or undercuts, otherwise you could end up with a bond that’s TOO strong. Some lubrication with K-Y Jelly or Glycerine, however, easily addresses this issue.

This handy temp cement is dual-cure to ensure complete polymerization of the material. It also offers greater application flexibility if you want to speed things up a bit, just hit the margins with a curing light and a few seconds later you’re ready for clean-up. E.T.C.’s translucent shade shows no demarcation between the temporary and tooth, and makes it an ideal choice for use on esthetic anterior restorations.

E.T.C. contains Triclosan and is non-eugenol, too, so it won’t compromise the integrity of a bis-acryl or acrylic temp like a ZOE. Also, when you permanently bond your final restoration, it won’t inhibit the set of the bonding agent and cement.

E.T.C. is simply more reliable in areas where other common temporary cements typically fail. This includes short tapered preps, where E.T.C. has proven to deliver strong adhesion and effectively prevent leakage. Use it with confidence for all your tough, difficult-to-place temporary crowns and bridges!