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Innovative gloves in the operating theatre: Synthetic polyisoprene (IR). Has the same outstanding physical
properties as natural rubber latex: maximum elasticity and tear resistance with low tension.

The Sempermed Syntegra IR glove protects healthcare workers and patients:
- powder-free
- free from natural rubber latex
- free from allergenic proteins.

This removes the hazard of sensitisation right from the start, especially for atopic persons.

The Sempermed Syntegra IR glove is quick and easy to put on in every situation due to its elastic material. Why the gloves are so easy to put on is explained quite easily: The lining does not form a smooth surface, but has a special net-like structure, thus considerably reducing the friction resistance when putting on the gloves. In particularly difficult situations or with high risk patients, double donning provides maximum safety. The Sempermed surgical gloves guarantee the easy donning of two pairs of gloves, without any loss of tactile properties.

Developed specifically for the requirements of the operating theatre, the fully anatomical shape with curved fingers corresponds with the natural, relaxed hand posture. This relaxed hand posture guarantees that you can work with Sempermed Syntegra IR surgical gloves without tiring, even in longer operations. The extra-wide back of the hand also helps to achieve this.

Safe Border
The conical shaft is shaped to the anatomy of the wrist and with the rolled edge it provides a secure barrier to the surgical gown.

The micro-roughened surface offers optimum grip for perfect instrument handling, even in a wet environment.
The ideal combination, innovative material with the tried and tested Sempermed design, for the same tactile sense as natural rubber latex. The ideal distribution of even wall thickness, determined in studies has been integrated in the development of the Sempermed Syntegra IR, thus improving the tactile sense significantly, while maintaining maximum safety at the same time.

In the production process of the Sempermed Syntegra IR, innovative accelerators are used (special dithiocarbamates and xanthogenates, i.e. additives responsible for creating the net structure of the material during glove production). The exceptional benefit by comparison with conventional accelerators is the significantly improved skin friendliness due to the lower allergenic potential of the accelerators in the glove.